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stable strategies and others


Sense of Gender Award | 2007
The Japanese Association of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy

Nebula Award | 2005
Science Fiction Writers of America
Best Short Story, 2004
"Coming to Terms"

World Fantasy Award | 2005
Finalist, Best Collection

Philp K. Dick Award | 2005

Amazon.com | 2004
Top-ten Editors' Picks: Science Fiction and Fantasy


Publisher's Weekly | October, 2004

"...fresh, unusual perspectives on ordinary life..."

Booklist | October, 2004

"A first-rate writer with a knack for a certain timelessness"

Locus | Gary K. Wolfe

"Gunn can shift effortlessly among SF, fantasy, horror, surrealism, absurdist comedy, and myth, often in the same story."

Boing boing | Cory Doctorow

"Best short story collection of the year"

The Internet Review of Science Fiction | Philip Snyder

"In much the same way that William Gibson is the poet laureate of cyberspace, Gunn is surely one of our great poets of the contemporary workplace."

Emerald City | Cheryl Morgan

"...a wonderfuly wry way of looking at American society...."

The Pinocchio Theory | Steven Shapiro

"Gunn's stories don't so much predict the future as they make visible the otherwise hidden deep currents of our present."

Seattle Times | Michael Upchurch

"Corporate satire and Kafkaesque metamorphoses gleefully collide..."
Frontwheeldrive.com | Tom Georgoulias

"...smart, clever writing for smart, clever people. Check it out."

SciFi.com | Cynthia Ward

"...deceptively compact, explosive stories."

SF Site | Peter D. Tillman

"...you owe it to yourself to check out Eileen Gunn's neat stories."


other writers

Warren Ellis
Karen Joy Fowler
James Patrick Kelly
Ursula K. Le Guin
Kelly Link
Cory Doctorow
Stephen King
Vonda N. McIntyre
Gregory McNamee
Robert Morales
Bruce Sterling
Connie Willis
“[Restraint] is virtually the hallmark of a handful of writers whose output of short fiction seems almost shockingly sparse in light of its overall impact and its influence on other writers. One thinks of such recent volumes as Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life or John Crowley's Novelties and Souvenirs, both masters of the jeweler's trade, and to this short list we might now add Eileen Gunn's Stable Strategies and Others[...]. ”
Gary K. Wolfe , in Locus
Full review (and Gunn
interview) in October issue
“Very few writers have the range or impact of Eileen Gunn. Her stories zip, dip, twist and turn, move from melancholy to mystery to magic. You are in for a treat. Enjoy!”
Karen Joy Fowler author of The Jane Austen Book Club
“Without Eileen Gunn, life as we know it would be so dull we wouldn’t recognize it. Among the five or six North Americans currently able to write short stories, she has not written anywhere near enough. But at least all of them are here in this book, an occasion for rejoicing from Manhattan to Makah.”
Ursula K. Le Guin author of Changing Planes
“Gunn’s stories are in another league entirely — like Sturgeon or Chiang, she’s sui generis and anything but generic. Every one of these stories has a pleasing, sharp flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Especially the recipe for fruit crisp. Delicious.”
Cory Doctorow author of Eastern Standard Tribe and
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and co-editor of boingboing.net
“Eileen Gunn’s stories are like perfect little bullets, or maybe firecrackers. When you read Gunn, you remember that short fiction can be spare, beautiful, and deadly. I’ve been wanting to read this collection for a very long time.”
Kelly Link author of Stranger Things Happen
“...perfectly realized horror...”
Stephen King about "Spring Conditions"
“Reading this book is like getting to wear the eyeballs of a madwoman in your own sockets for a day. Nothing’s going to look the same. Suddenly, the Richard Nixon Game Show and the girl with twenty-one fingers and the birds who need rest to die will make perfect sense. And your life will be better. So buy the damn book. It’s brilliant.”
Warren Ellis author of the graphic novels
Trans-metropolitan and Orbiter
“Eileen Gunn has a barbed-wire-sharp mind, an unsettling insight into the way the world works, and a wicked sense of humor, and her stories are just like her. From Cobain High to the Tower of Diminished Expectations, Stable Strategies and Others is a disconcerting, witty, delicious read!”
Connie Willis author of To Say Nothing of the Dog
“Not caring to scavenge the slipstreamed Sargasso that typifies so much of today’s American sf, Eileen Gunn gives us a lucid field guide to a veritable Galápagos of droll arcana and deeply-felt anomalies. Long-awaited, and worth the wait.”
Robert Morales author of the graphic novel
The Truth: Red, White, and Black
“ ‘I awoke this morning to discover that bioengineering had made demands upon me during the night.’ Who hasn’t had mornings like that? It’s a strange life we live, and it gets stranger every day: Eileen Gunn knows as much. A sharp-eyed student of mantises, windswept deserts, Fibonacci numbers, and Richard Nixon, she unblinkingly faces this brave new world as if she’d started off the day sharing coffee with Kafka, trading knowing remarks about the preternatural weirdness of the world. Gunn shows us vistas and scenarios possible and improbable, suggests events that may or may not have happened, and invites us to stretch our minds and imaginations as she does her own. This book contains no end of treasures and pleasures for anyone fortunate enough to come to it, and I’m glad to have it close at hand.”
Gregory McNamee author of Blue Mountains Far Away
and Christ on the Mount of Olives and Other Stories
“Eileen Gunn can’t make herself write enough fiction. Encourage her by reading this right away.”
Bruce Sterling author of The Zenith Angle
“There is no sense trying to sum up Eileen Gunn: she’s too damn various. She wrote the manual on corporate infighting, Kafka style. In these pages, she reveals the secret careers of Richard Nixon and Isaac Asimov, Barry Goldwater and Robert A. Heinlein. Gunn slipstreams effortlessly and was writing about post-humanity long before Vernor Vinge gave the singularity a name. What you have here is a chest that contains the many treasures of one of our most nimble writers. Open it and be dazzled!”
James Patrick Kelly author of Think Like a Dinosaur!
“Eileen’s stories: a diamond here, sparkling all the way through; a geode there, stony outside, sharp and brilliant within; and at a distance a piece of amber...with a scorpion inside, still ready and able to strike.”
Vonda N. McIntyre author of The Moon and the Sun