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Wry, dark humor burnishes visionary SF in these often prophetic, sometimes troubling, but always fascinating tales that combine and masterfully conflate the disparate worlds of corporate tech and literary art.

“After the Thaw” is a hi-tech take on an ancient idea: immortality.

“Terrible Trudy on the Lam,” based on actual events, is a modern fable about a zoo escape, a private eye, a vaudeville act and keeping your mouth shut.

“Night Shift at NanoGobblers,” written for a NASA website, is about asteroid-altering AIs and their world-weary earthbound handlers.

“Transitions” deals with jet lag when your flight is decades late.

Gunn’s long-awaited third collection is rounded out by incisive and affectionate portraits of her SF colleagues, mentors, and friends, beginning with Ursula Le Guin. All illuminated of course by Terry Bisson’s artfully intimate interview.

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